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Work set to commence on Metronet’s Bayswater upgrade

WA’s Transport Authority has embarked on the tender process for a $1 million project which will form part of the early work towards construction of Metronet’s Morley-Ellenbrook Line and Bayswater Station upgrade.

The tender is for the creation of a new cable route along the rail corridor between Meltham and Bayswater, which will include relocating and laying six kilometres of fibre-optic cable to clear the way for the construction of the future rail lines.

The cable is vital to Transperth communications with train control and signalling, and  current cable alignment needs to be rerouted from the northern side of the train turnback area to the south.

Offering the installation of the new cable rerouting as a separate tender will enable the winning tenderer for the design and construction of the Bayswater project to begin work quickly once the contract is awarded.

“Releasing this tender ahead of the main contract will ensure the new contractor will be able to hit the ground running when they take control of the site next year,” said WA’s Acting Transport Minister, Sue Ellery.

The cable re-routing tender, released on October 10, will close on October 31.

The contract is expected to be awarded in November.

“These works are the first on-site works for two high-quality Metronet projects, which will eventually change the way north-eastern suburban residents commute and travels,” said Ellery.

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