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Women shaping rail

ARTC hiring women in Hunter. Photo: Youtube / ARTC

This week the rail industry as well as the wider industrial sector recognised the role of women in engineering roles for International Women in Engineering Day, held on June 23.

Now in its seventh year, the theme of this year’s event was ‘Shape the World’, as rail organisations highlighted the contribution of women to the world’s mobility and transportation networks.

The Level Crossing Removal Project highlighted the contribution of women working on the major project, demonstrating the potential to shape the way the city moves through engineering.

Senior project manager Mahnaz Shilani said that working on a project such as the Level Crossing Removal Project is particularly rewarding.

“I get to transform the way Victorian’s live and work and travel, I provide the outputs Victorians expect and that’s quite rewarding.”

Engineering coordinator Hazel Balod said that the rail industry has a place for a diversity of people.

“If you’re interested in solving problems, in seeing how things get built, then there’s definitely a place in this industry for you.”

To continue celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of women in the rail and wider industrial sector, Rail Express is co-presenting the Women in Industry Awards.

Nominations are open now and cover a variety of roles, including mentoring, safety advocacy, and industry advocacy.

Rail Express encourages you to nominate yourself or someone you know – nominations close in just a couple of weeks on Friday, July 3.

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