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Woman battling ‘life threatening injuries’ following tram collision

Parkville Victoria - Photo Google

Victorian Police are investigating the circumstances of a collision between a tram and a car in Melbourne’s north.

Police said around 12.30pm on Tuesday a collision occurred on Royal Parade near Gatehouse Street in Parkville.

“Investigators believe that the driver of the car attempted to do a U turn in front of the tram prior to the collision,” Victorian Police said.

Both occupants of the car – a 68-year-old male driver and his 66-year-old female passenger – were conveyed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The female passenger was reportedly suffering from life threatening injuries, as at 3pm on Tuesday.

Detective Sergeant Mark Amos told the ABC that a blue sedan was traveling north along Royal Parade, before coming to a stop beside the tram at a pedestrian crossing. When the light turned green, the car reportedly tried to turn right, across the path of the tram.

“Unfortunately the tram was way too close to the car to be able to stop,” Amos reportedly told the ABC.

“The problem we’ve got with trams is 30 tonnes of tram, steel wheels on steel rails, they don’t stop quickly, and unless you give them plenty of room, you’ve got a serious risk of getting hit by them.”

Amos reportedly told the ABC the tram driver was “devastated” by the incident.

“He’s been driving trams a long time and anything of this nature has a significant impact upon is wellbeing, he’s very upset,” Amos was quoted by the ABC.

No one was injured on the tram, according to Police.

The tram involved was traveling on Yarra Trams’ Route 19 line, from North Coburg to Flinders Street Station. Yarra Trams said just before 1pm that the incident meant Route 19 trams were not operating around that section of the route.

By 3pm Yarra Trams had buses replacing trams for the disruption. Just before 5pm Yarra Trams announced normal services had resumed.

Police have said the Major Collision Investigation Unit is investigating the incident, and has asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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  1. Bad journalism. If the car was travelling north, pulled up alongside the tram and then turned right across the tram, then it could not have been a tram travelling from North Coburg to Flinders Street, because that is southbound. These things are easy to check.