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Western Sydney Freight Line a highlight of Infrastructure list: ARA

The Infrastructure Priorities List was handed down recently by Infrastructure Australia

A FOCUS on the Western Sydney Freight Line was one of the highlights of the Infrastructure Priorities List, according to Australasian Railways Association chief executive Caroline Wilkie.

The list was released last week by Infrastructure Australia.

“We are pleased to see the Western Sydney Freight Line and Intermodal Terminal, as well as works on South East Queensland level crossings, confirmed as high priority initiatives,” Wilkie said.

“These initiatives would improve safety and efficiency across the network and are vitally important to support growing freight demand in particular.

“It is great to see new, rail focused priority initiatives identified in most Australian states, recognising the important role rail has to play in the nation’s sustainable development,” he said.

“Initiatives like freight rail improvements from Melbourne to Adelaide and rail access to the Port of Melbourne would help move more freight onto rail and ease road congestion in our cities and on regional highways.”

Wilkie said continued work to upgrade rail lines and remove level crossings across WA and SA would also deliver a better journey for travellers that rely on public transport services.

“These key initiatives confirm we must keep investing in rail over time to ensure we are ready to meeting rising populations and growing freight demand,” she said.