West Swanson rail link work launched by minister

<p>The first rail spike was hammered in today (Tuesday, September 11) on the $20m project to return rail access to Swanson Dock West at the port of Melbourne.</p> <p>Melbourne Port Corporation in collaboration with P&#38O Trans Australia is managing the project.</p> <p>Swanson Dock West relies heavily on road to move cargo into and out of the port.</p> <p>Ports minister Candy Broad said only 20% of containers arrive or depart from the port by rail.</p> <p>"It is vital to ensure it has the appropriate infrastructure and services to meet the needs of port users now and for the future," she said.</p> <p>The dual-gauge rail track will be 1,500 metres in length, running along an existing rail reservation on port land on the south side of Footscray Road, from Appleton Dock rail to the west side of Dock Link Road.</p> <p>With track laying beginning today, construction is due for completion by the end of the year.</p> <br />