WEBINAR: Leveraging Digital Twins: From concept to operations for transport infrastructure

An industry webinar on 22 April is to discuss rail trends and challenges, strategies for planning and the role of Digital Twins.

POPULATION growth, rapid urbanisation, and a need to address global warming all cement rail’s position as Australia’s fastest-growing transportation sector. As we are constantly challenged to do more with less, we need to find new and innovative ways to increase capacity and reliability, in the face of tighter budgets and shorter deadlines. The adoption of digital technology, including the utilisation of digital twins to optimise performance across the asset lifecycle will be crucial to future success.

Going digital creates digital workflows between your distributed teams that facilitate cost savings, better collaboration, reduced construction risk, more efficient routine inspections, and improved asset management across your rail network.

Join us and see how advancing BIM through digital twins can transform the industry.

The webinar will cover:

  • Key trends and challenges faced in the rail infrastructure sector
  • Strategies for integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches to planning, design and analysis of transportation infrastructure
  • How Digital Twins can enable effective management of transportation infrastructure.

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