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Webinar: Leverage reality modelling for linear infrastructure projects

reality modelling

On Thursday, October 15, Rail Express hosted a webinar with Bentley Systems on how reality modelling can be used for linear infrastructure projects, such as road and rail construction and maintenance.

In the following webinar, Glen Burke, Sales Engineer – Reality Modelling, and Marc Rietman, Consultant, Geospatial, Digital Cities, outlined how data can be captured, managed, analysed and shared through various digital twin technologies. These include reality meshes or point clouds, which can be be used in the design, construction, or operations & maintenance stages of a project.

Using real-world examples, these tools allow for data to be collected from various sources and organised into a single source of truth. With the application of machine learning, tasks such as object detection and feature extraction can be done automatically. Cloud-based technology also allows for an unlimited amount of data to be handled in one application.

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