Waterfall report puts heat on NSW State Rail

<p>A report prepared for the Waterfall rail inquiry points to several possible damning findings against the New South Wales State Rail, according to a report on the ABC.</p> <p>The notice of possible findings and adverse findings was sent to inquiry parties as a guide to key questions for final submissions, the ABC said.</p> <p>It lists factors such as the 117km&#47h crash speed of the train and the actions of State Rail in responding to problems with the so-called "deadman’s handle" emergency braking system.</p> <p>Parties are also being asked whether State Rail should have disclosed the risk with the device when it applied for accreditation to operate, the ABC stated.</p> <p>In light of the notice, the NSW opposition has called for urgent action on rail safety before the findings are handed down in October.</p> <p>But the State Government has said it does not want to pre-empt the inquiry findings.</p> <br />