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Washaways disrupt Pilbara iron ore trains

<p>Flooding in Western Australia has washed away sections of BHP Billiton’s Newman-Port Hedland railway and caused temporary delay to mining operations.</p> <p>A BHP Billiton spokeswoman said torrential rain in the northwest of the state last week had disrupted mining and freight operations.</p> <p>"It’s caused several washaways on the line and mining was suspended for a short time," she told <em>Rail Express</em> . </p> <p>Crews have been working to repair the 428-km track from the iron mine near Newman to Port Hedland.</p> <p>Shipping would be able to continue in the meantime from stockpiles at the port, she said.</p> <p>"We have business plans to manage these sorts of events," the spokeswoman said.</p> <p>The rail line should re-open early this week. </p> <br />