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WA sets up new rail access regulator

<p>Western Australia will combine rail access with other essential services regulation under a new bill introduced to State Parliament on Friday.</p> <p>Under the proposed legislation a new economic regulation authority will determine the terms of infrastructure access, including pricing, for the electricity, gas, rail and water industries from July 1 next year.</p> <p>The aim is to achieve a consistent, best practice approach to regulation across all sectors through a single well-resourced authority.</p> <p>In the rail industry, the new authority will carry out all the functions currently performed by the state’s rail access regulator.</p> <p>Treasurer Eric Ripper said there would be no change to existing access regimes or changes to current regulatory policy settings.</p> <p>The proposed bill establishes the authority and provides generic functions and powers. Existing industry-specific legislation define the regulatory roles of the authority for each sector.</p> <br />