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VLocity trains for Albury line passengers

The year has begun with Albury line passengers in Victoria able to travel on more comfortable, modern VLocity trains.

From Thursday 30 December, 2021, six-carriage VLocity trains were scheduled on weekdays on the following Albury line services:

  • 12.05pm Southern Cross to Albury
  • 5.20pm Albury to Southern Cross

To provide a consistent and reliable experience for passengers, the Albury timetable remains the same with locomotive hauled trains continuing to operate the remaining services.

Passengers will be able to reserve a seat through the normal booking process, either by using the journey planner on the V/Line website, calling 1800 800 007 or visiting their nearest staffed V/Line or premium Metro station.

Seats in the front two carriages in services towards Albury and in the rear two carriages in services towards Melbourne can be reserved. Remaining carriages will be unreserved.

Passengers will be able to enjoy the best quality seating at an economy class fare, with no seats allocated to first class. Passengers accompanying passengers with mobility aids will be able to reserve the flip down seats next to mobility aid spaces.

Café-bar services will be installed on Albury line VLocity trains in coming months. Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board, but please be mindful of other customers by avoiding strong smelling food and ensuring drinks have a lid.

Water fountains are available on all trains for passengers’ convenience.  Several stations have vending machines where food and drink can also be purchased prior to travel.

Checked luggage is not available on VLocity trains. Passengers can use dedicated luggage spaces throughout the train making it easier to access luggage throughout the journey.

Passengers will be able to store their bike in the carriage with them, making boarding and disembarking easier.  Up to nine bikes can be spread throughout each three-carriage train.

VLocity trains are built to different dimensions to other trains, and the gap between the train and platform will vary at different platforms and doors. Passengers are reminded to mind the gap and hold the handrails when boarding and disembarking services.

Like all other V/Line trains, access ramps will be available at all stations to assist passengers with mobility aids to board and disembark the train.

The Victorian Government is building a further four three-carriage VLocity trains for use on the Albury line.