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VIDEO: Sydney’s intercity fleet trains revealed

Transport for NSW has provided a first look inside the “state-of-the-art” fleet of intercity trains which are due to arrive later this year.

The new fleet is intended to service long distance, intercity lines from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast line.

Testing of the new trains is underway in the manufacturing facility, as well as a purpose-built test track, in South Korea, though the fleet is not due to begin servicing the line until 2021.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW), on Friday, released animations based on detailed designs of the new trains.

The fleet will “provide a new level of comfort and convenience” according to TfNSW.

Key differences include wider, two-by-two seating with arm rests, tray tables, and high seat backs, charging ports for mobile devices, dedicated space for luggage, prams and bicycles, and dedicated space for wheelchairs and accessible toilets.

TfNSW also says that the new trains will include improvements to customer information, through digital information screens and announcements, CCTV and help points.

Despite the reduction in seating, with around 28 fewer seats in every carriage, the fleet will include a boost of 2 extra carriages on the South Coast Line during peak hour services, after TfNSW purchased an extra 42 carriages to bring up the total to 554 carriages.

In 2018 a life-size model of the train was used to conduct end-user engagement intended to inform and refine train designs. Those involved in the feedback process included vision, mobility, hearing and cognitive impaired groups, as well as elderly users and those travelling with children, luggage and bicycles.

Once the first of the new trains have arrived in Australia later this year, they will undergo network testing.