Monday 28th May, 2018

VIDEO: Portrait of a train driver

Portrait of a train driver. Photo: Youtube / Titus Napirlica
Photo: Youtube / Titus Napirlica

Titus Napirlica’s 2012 short film is a touching profile of a Romanian passenger train driver and his love for the railway.

Napirlica is an independent filmmaker based in Prague, Czech Republic.

“I’ve always had an interest for trains but never got to know much about them or the people driving them,” he says.

“There’s a lot of information on the subject out there, but being a visual person I wanted something more than poorly formatted walls of text. So I made this.”



You can see more of Napirlica’s work on his website, or donate to his Bitcoin address: 1fxebUEdiboTiwZdLdaZ2yyVNSJhZpi7Z.

  • Callum Bookwright

    A thumb nail portrait, but still interesting. This would be so much less interesting if the train drove itself.

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