Victorian passenger rail to train for future

<p>Victorian passenger rail stakeholders are presenting a united front in a campaign to increase the pool of urban and country train drivers.</p> <p>Train operators, unions and the Victorian Government are working on a range of initiatives, state transport minister Peter Batchelor said.</p> <p>"There are currently about 40 drivers in training and a large pool of applicants are being assessed for further driver training intakes," Mr Batchelor said.</p> <p>There is also a plant to run driver training and refresher courses to increase existing drivers’ capabilities on other types of trains.</p> <p>Currently, M>Train drivers cannot operate on Connex lines and vice versa, Mr Batchelor said.</p> <p>He said Victoria does not have the sort of train driver shortages Sydney is experiencing, but rail stakeholders want to address the issue before it becomes a problem.</p> <br />