Friday 25th Sep, 2020

Victorian Parliament creates new infrastructure body

Parliament House, Melbourne. (Public Domain)
Parliament House, Melbourne

Legislation has passed the Victorian Parliament creating the new entity Infrastructure Victoria.

Billed as an “independent body”, IV is expected to resemble the similarly-named Infrastructure Australia and give the community and business greater certainty about our infrastructure needs.

A statement released by the Victorian government described IV as “a landmark reform”, removing short term politics from infrastructure planning while ensuring a full pipeline of major projects to develop the economy.

Infrastructure Victoria is expected to consult widely, consider the needs of the entire state and prioritise the projects that deliver the best results.

It is also expected to publicly release a 30-year infrastructure strategy outlining short, medium and long-term infrastructure priorities.

In response, the Government is to be required to develop a five-year Infrastructure Plan outlining priority projects and funding commitments, with IV will assessing government progress against this plan.

“Infrastructure Victoria will ensure that despite whoever is in power, there is a pipeline of infrastructure meeting the State’s needs,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

Special minister of state Gavin Jennings said that, for too long, evidence and transparency had been secondary considerations with infrastructure.

“The community expects that critical decisions on infrastructure should be based on priorities not politics and Infrastructure Victoria will do just that,” Jennings said.

This article originally appeared in Rail Express affiliate Lloyd’s List Australia.

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