Tuesday 27th Oct, 2020

Victoria places 20-tram order with Bombardier Dandenong

E-Class Melbourne tram. Photo: Liam Davies
Photo: Liam Davies / Creative Commons

A $274 million, 20-tram order announced in May has been placed by the Andrews Government, with rollingstock to come from Bombardier Transportation’s Dandenong facility.

Bombardier signaled to the government early in 2015 that it may have to wind back its Dandenong operation as it came close to finishing the 50 tram order placed by the Brumby Government in late 2010.

Andrews announced in May the state would order another 20 E-Class trams. This week, public transport minister Jacinta Allan said the government had formally placed the new 20-tram order.

“The 20 new E-Class trams will provide certainty for manufacturers, secure 500 local jobs and boost Melbourne’s iconic tram network, to carry more people every single day,” Allan said on Monday.

“E-Classes are the biggest, safest and most accessible trams on the network.

“They are made in Melbourne, for Melbourne, and every single one of them has been ordered by a Labor Government.”

Yarra Trams boss Clément Michel said with the last of the 50 original E-Classes ordered due to enter service in May 2017, the additional 20 would help relieve a significant growth forecasted in the operator’s passenger numbers.

“Demand on Melbourne’s tram network is forecast to grow significantly in coming years and we need these new trams to help keep the city moving,” Michel said.

“As E-Class trams enter service, larger trams with greater capacity and real-time passenger information are being cascaded onto lines where patronage or demand is greatest.”

A statement from the premier’s office said the new 20-tram order “ensures there will be no changes to production levels at Bombardier for the next three years”.

The first of the 20 trams in the new order will enter service in June 2017, and all 70 E-Class trams now under order should be in service by late 2018, the statement read.

The 30th E-Class tram will soon enter service on Route 11. E-Classes currently operate on Routes 11 and 96, but the government plans to spread them across the network as they roll off the production line.

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