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VFT for Wollongong campaign

<p>The South Coast Labour Council wants a high-speed rail link built between Wollongong and Sydney.</p> <p>Labor Council secretary Arthur Rorris said a very fast train could get commuters to Sydney in half an hour during peak times and be used for freight transport outside those times.</p> <p>"It is not just about linking people with their jobs in the city, it also about the rapid transport of cargo from Port Kembla, one of the best ports in Australia, and its major markets and taking heavy transport off the roads," Mr Rorris said.</p> <p>"Port Botany and the inner areas of Sydney Harbour, such as Glebe Island, White Bay and Darling Harbour are already stretched to capacity. </p> <p>"It makes sense to relieve Sydney of the excess traffic, noise and pollution these ports generate and make Port Kembla a major port linked to Sydney by a very fast train system."</p> <br />