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Update on flooding impacting ARTC network

The ARTC rail corridor between Kalgoorlie and Rawlinna in Western Australia will reopen at 12 noon on Easter Saturday (WA time) after significant flooding impacted the rail line.

ARTC crews have made and are continuing to make considerable progress with recovery efforts as water levels recede, helped by favourable weather conditions and engineering activities on the ground.

Prolonged and intense rain in the area impacted the ARTC’s ability to access all locations of the rail line and commence recovery efforts initially.

The crews would observe water levels subsiding in some locations during the rainfall but there would be a number of sites significantly impacted with water over the track that took time to subside.

ARTC has a significant workforce in the area with senior engineers, specialist consultants and its maintenance crews who are continuing to work around the clock in the lead up to the rail line reopening.