Unrestricted roadtrain access to Parkes hub

<p>FCL Transport believes business interest in its Parkes rail hub in New South Wales now that roadtrains from Condobolin have gained unrestricted access to the Parkes rail terminal.</p> <p>The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority has upgraded and reclassified a key 95 km section of road between Condobolin and Parkes to accept roadtrains equivalent to two 45-foot trailers at an overall vehicle length of 36.5 metres. </p> <p>Previously, only 25-metre B-double vehicles were permitted on this route.</p> <p>FCL managing director, Bill Gibbins said roadtrain access to Parkes is a welcome addition to its many existing advantages as a national hub.</p> <p>"It is now more economical to road freight into Parkes from far west and north west NSW then rail it to Sydney ports, Adelaide or Perth for domestic and export," Mr Gibbins said.</p> <br />