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Uber app to add Sydney public transport

Sydney will become the first city in the southern hemisphere to have its public transport integrated into popular ridesharing app Uber.

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance on July 30 said Transport for NSW would collaborate with the ridesharing company to encourage more people out of their cars and onto the public transport network.

“We welcome the decision by Uber to choose Sydney as the first city in the southern hemisphere to benefit from up to date public transport information within its ride sharing app,” Constance said.

“This collaboration will help people make better decisions on how to get around the city and reduce congestion on our roads.

“When customers enter their destination in the Uber app they’ll see ‘public transport’ as an option. Nearby transport hubs, timetable and pricing information will be displayed on the screen of their smart phone, making them even more aware of the alternative options to using a car.”

The app will include real time departure and arrival times for public transport, and walking directions to and from the stops involved.

Uber Australia and New Zealand’s head of cities Kate Stannett said the company was looking beyond ridesharing with the view of becoming a true transport platform.

“We want to help people replace their private car with their phone,” Stannett said.

“To do this people need an alternative that is faster, easier and cheaper than owning your own car.

“An integrated platform of different transport options aims to reduce congestion on our roads. This is good for everyone, including rideshare drivers and riders using the Uber app.”

Transport for NSW said it is also working with Uber to provide ticketing and payment functionality within the Uber app.