Two-tier prices coming for NSW regional boxes, says Pacific National

<p>Pacific National says that it will develop two-tier services and rate levels on its container train operations to and from regional New South Wales.</p> <p>The general manager of Pacific National’s industrial division, Mike Baudinette, said that daily pick-ups of freight from multiple origins and multiple destinations with excessive shunting at heavily staffed city freight yards is "fundamentally unsustainable", especially with the Community Service Obligation subsidy ending in 2004.</p> <p>Future Pacific National pricing structures will reward aggregation of freight on trains that needed minimal handling or shunting, but will provide multiple origin&#47destination services for businesses that can pay the extra costs involved, he said.</p> <p>Prices will also reflect earlier bookings, which ensure maximum train loadings which still meet stevedoring windows. </p> <p>There will, however, be just-in-time facilities at a higher rate.</p> <br />