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Tunnel solution proposed for Inland Rail

Federal MP Ross Vasta has floated an intriguing idea for getting freight from Acacia Ridge to Port of Brisbane

A DEDICATED underground rail connection is the solution to the problem of how to get freight from Acacia Ridge to the Port of Brisbane.

The last leg of Inland Rail is something of a sticking point to the Inland Rail concept, with concerns containerised goods will have to be trucked or railed via the congested suburban network.

In a conversation with 4BC radio host Neil Breen, federal Coalition MP Ross Vasta said a tunnel was the way to go.

“I have been working with Team Queensland (a group of Queensland federal MPs), and I can’t thank them enough for their support, and we’re going to make sure that this tunnel happens,” Mr Vasta said.

“This will set up south-east Queensland as the transport hub of the nation,” Mr Vasta told 4BC listeners.

“I’m very happy to work with my state colleagues. This is above politics.”

Mr Vasta said the time investment would be worthwhile.

“Nation-building projects do take time and if you want to think big, and you want to make sure we have future prosperity, now is the time.”