Truckers getting railroaded out of business in Territory

<p>The completion of the Adelaide-Darwin railway spells the end of the trucking industry in Alice Springs, according to one of the Northern Territory’s biggest trucking companies.</p> <p>Bulls Transport spokesman Nicholas Hill warned when the completion of the railway was announced in 2000 that Alice Springs would suffer from no longer being at the railhead.</p> <p>Mr Hill said that since the railway opened for freight a week agom Bulls Transport has cut 15 jobs and rival Alice Springs North has shed 20 workers, proving his warnings correct.</p> <p>The railway’s operators Freightlink are undercutting Alice-based trucking companies on the Alice-Darwin leg by lifting rates on the Adelaide-Alice route, Mr Hill claimed.</p> <p>"The rail’s set up so that Alice Springs is subsidising the Darwin leg of the rail and they’ve put the rates down so low from Adelaide to Darwin," Mr Hill told ABC radio.</p> <p>"It’s under half the normal road rate, so there’s no future for a transport industry in the Northern Territory."</p> <br />