Tranz Rail battles heat buckle legacy

<p>Tranz Rail is reassuring investors that heat restrictions on its lines will not affect the company’s financial prospects.</p> <p>The rail operator is attempting to remedy hundreds of kilometres of track as a result of the continuous welding program carried out under government ownership from 1975.</p> <p>The welding program was not high-standard and took place without de-stressing of the track, Tranz Rail said.</p> <p>Since 1994, the company has carried out de-stressing work and remedial work on more than 800 km of track.</p> <p>But Tranz Rail said it rejects the "alarmist views" about the impact of heat buckling.</p> <p>"Since 1994, there have been no injuries to passengers as a result of heat buckling on the track," the company said. </p> <br />