Trains in NSW still can’t talk to each other: Debnam

<p>Almost three years after the Glenbrook train tragedy, the Carr Government has failed to action a key recommendation to fit compatible radios to all trains using the CityRail system, shadow transport minister Peter Debnam said last week.</p> <p>The New South Wales opposition has obtained documents under Freedom of Information (FOI) that show a "further submission" to the "Budget Committee of Cabinet" is still required to fund the train radios.</p> <p>"A key Glenbrook recommendation was to fit all freight trains using the CityRail system with MetroNet radios," Mr Debnam said. </p> <p>"But three years later, [transport minister Carl&#93 Scully just hasn’t done it."</p> <p>The FOI documents reveal the recommendation is still in the hands of the bureaucracy.</p> <p>"With respect to recommendations regarding improvements to communications and network control, detailed scoping of these projects is currently underway," a document said. </p> <p>"If it is agreed to expedite these projects, a business case will be developed and a further submission will be provided to the Budget Committee of Cabinet for consideration."</p> <p>The importance of the radio link between freight and passenger trains on the NSW network was underlined by the recent Hexham crash where the driver of the passenger train heading towards a derailed goods train did not receive the warning message that was radioed.</p> <br />