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Train station upgrades make history

Queensland Rail‘s flagship Station Accessibility Upgrade Program is making history as major milestones are achieved at railway stations across the South-East Queensland network. ​​​

Two footbridges weighing more than 35-tonnes and 65-tonnes have been lowered onto place at Burpengary and Bundamba stations, marking the most significant impact to the stations’ histories since they were built in 1917 and 1888 respectively.
The bridges were installed using 450-ton and 500-ton cranes and were fastened between the two lift shafts, forming the structure which will link the platforms over the tracks via a lift.
At both stations, platforms have been raised so they are closer to the train doors, and tactiles are progressively being installed and the original station buildings are being refreshed to ensure they are preserved. A new station building has been lowered into place at Burpengary station.
Queensland Rail Executive General Manager of SEQ Assets Rob Hill said Queensland Rail has reached a turning point at Burpengary and Bundamba stations.
“We’ve seen both footbridges installed and the Burpengary station building set in place – these are huge milestones,” he said.
“Both pivotal transport hubs for Queensland, these upgrades mark the most transformative work these stations have undergone in their history.
“We have more than 400 Queensland Rail staff and contractors working on our biggest upgrade program ever bringing these six stations, Bundamba, Burpengary, Morningside, Banyo, Lindum and Buranda into the modern era.
“It is important, that among all this progress, we take a moment to reflect on Queensland Rail’s rich history.
“In 1917 the construction workers who built the Burpengary station left a time capsule of sorts which was unearthed in the 1990s. In a nod to history, we have done the same today with drawings and postcards from Burpengary State School and items from the Burpengary Community Association.
“In almost 160 years of connecting Queensland, history is incredibly important to us, and to recreate the same ritual as our forebears is really special for us and the community.
“We thank our customers for their patience while the stations are temporarily closed. The closures have meant we have been able to see so much progress on the builds – and we’re thrilled to be reopening Burpengary late in August.”
To commemorate the milestones, Burpengary State School and the Burpengary Community Association buried a time capsule at Burpengary station, just as the original builders of Burpengary station did more than a century ago.
The school students drawings and postcards to their future selves were placed in the time capsule, along with a gocard, photographs, a newspaper, a jar of honey and a rail peg. The capsule will be reopened in June 2054.
Burpengary and Bundamba are the first to reach this pivotal stage and customers will soon be able to enjoy the new facilities when Burpengary station reopens in coming months.
Construction is also progressing full steam ahead at Morningside, Buranda, Lindum and Banyo stations.
The Station Accessibility Upgrade program will deliver accessible, modern and renovated stations for Burpengary, Bundamba, Morningside, Lindum and Banyo by the end of 2024, with Buranda station to be completed in the first half of 2025.