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Train services resume after closure for Torrens Junction works

Train services on Adelaide’s Outer Harbour and Grange lines have resumed after a 10-day closure, and on the Gawler line after a 7-day closure, during which $20 million worth of works were completed at Torrens Junction.

The state government reported that over 375 people were employed during the closure, while 400 tonnes of reinforcing steel was used and approximately 250 piles were drilled and constructed in the creation of works that go towards the state government’s $238 million Torrens Junction Rail Project.

Currently, traffic is held up for a total of more than 2 hours every day at the junction, as passing freight trains close crossings for up to six minutes each time.

The aim of the project is to separate the interstate freight railway from the Outer Harbor passenger railway by building a rail underpass at Park Terrace for the passenger line.

When completed, freight trains will no longer need to give way to the passenger trains at the junction, thereby reducing delays to the freight service and to the road network.

“Removing the need for freight trains to stop at the Torrens Rail Junction will also mean they don’t have to slow down or stop through the Torrens Road and Hawker Street level crossings, reducing traffic delays at these locations,” transport and infrastructure minister Stephen Mullighan said.

“Separating this rail line from vehicle traffic will improve travel times for commuters, freight and transport vehicles and all road users who navigate this part of Adelaide’s Inner City Ring Route every day,” the minister added.

Freight productivity will also be further enhanced through the upgrade by the facilitation of longer (1800-metre) freight trains to operate between Adelaide and Melbourne.

During the temporary closure, temporary rail lines were constructed for Gawler, Outer Harbor and Grange passenger services, while construction work began on a new bridge at Park Terrace and Gibson Street.

Piling works were also carried out from the River Torrens to Torrens Rail Junction, and at Bowden Station, where preparations are underway for the construction of a new lowered station.