Train protection criticism unjustified: Batchelor

<p>Victorian transport minister Peter Batchelor has defended the train protection warning system (TPWS) selected for its regional fast train project following opposition claims that it did not offer adequate warning.</p> <p>Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder has criticised TPWS for not being able to warn drivers if a vehicle was stuck on one of 29 level crossing through which fast rail &#8211 or farce rail as the opposition has named it &#8211 trains would operate.</p> <p>But Mr Batchelor has hit back and accused the opposition of "pathetic scare mongering" and ignorance of the technology involved. </p> <p>"The Liberal party is feigning concern that the train protection warning system will not be able to warn a train driver that a vehicle is on a level crossing," he said.</p> <p>"Yet the independent rail safety regulator has advised that there is no train protection system anywhere in the world that does this."</p> <br />