Monday 6th Apr, 2020

Trackless trams pitched for Sydney’s Parramatta Road

Graphic: Inner West Council

Sydney’s Inner West and Canada Bay councils have proposed a trackless tram solution for Parramatta Road, with plans for a full urban transformation strategy based around the technology.

The NSW Government is investigating options for Parramatta Road, which goes through the Inner West Council and Canada Bay Council jurisdictions.

The councils proposed the Guideless Electronic Transit System (GETS) on Tuesday.

The proposal would see the camera-guided, rubber-tyred vehicles drive along a designated central strip.

Inner City Council said the solution would allow for kerb-side parking and buffer for pedestrians, while also facilitating ‘street activation’.

An electronically-guided vehicle solution would reduce the need for infrastructure to be built into the roadway, and would also require a narrower lane than a bus system as there is no “natural wobble” like that of a manually-driven system.

“The Parramatta Road of the future needs to be pedestrian-friendly and cater for local access, with reactivated street frontages, lower speed traffic and modern public transport,” Inner West Council administrator Richard Pearson said.

“Centre-running public transport is a modern, global approach.

“It will reduce our reliance on cars, allow the street front to be properly activated and bring back a balance of people and movement to one of the city’s oldest thoroughfares.”

Canada Bay Mayor Helen McCaffrey also said, “This study shows that world-class public transport infrastructure has to be included to deliver not only for those who live in the area now, but for future residents.”

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