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Track misalignment caused derailment at Yerong Creek: ATSB

<p>Track misalignment as a result of &#8220localised stresses&#8221 was largely responsible for the derailment of a freight train at Yerong Creek in southern New South Wales on January 4, 2006, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said after an investigation).</p> <p>A dozen containers were derailed and 600 metres of track was torn up, after the train ran over the misaligned track.</p> <p>The investigation found that the track had not reacted evenly to the forces upon it, which led to a fault in the track.</p> <p>Localised stresses were very rare and difficult to detect, even with the best modern technology, the ATSB said.</p> <p>The ATSB has issued a safety advisory notice to all track maintainers in Australia to highlight this limitation of present technology when managing continuous welded rail.</p> <br />