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Tonsley Rail Line duplication brought forward

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Part of Adelaide’s Tonsley passenger rail line will be duplicated thanks to a $63m funding announcement by the federal and South Australian Labor governments. </span> <p>Federal transport and infrastructure minister, Anthony Albanese, and his South Australian counterpart, Tom Koutsantonis announced last week that their respective governments would bring forward funding while inspecting the start of construction work in Ascot Park.</p><p>“The Rudd Labor Government has a plan to keep our cities moving, one which involves investing in both their road and rail infrastructure,” Albanese said.</p><p>“If not tackled in such a balanced way, the cost of congestion here in Adelaide will double to $1.1bn a year by the end of the decade.”</p><p>Albanese argued that the Tonsley Park Public Transport Project would significantly improve public transport services for people living in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.</p><p>“Construction to duplicate and upgrade the rail line near Ascot Park commenced just this week and bringing forward funding will ensure this first stage of work is completed as quickly as possible, minimising inconvenience to rail commuters,” Albanese, who is also the deputy prime minister, said.</p><p>“Bringing this work forward also means we can redeploy 250 workers that are already engaged on the Rail Revitalisation Project in Adelaide’s south.”</p><p>Albanese also used the announcement to continue his persistent attack on opposition leader Tony Abbot’s policy against funding for urban rail projects.</p><p>“This project is an example of the record investment we’re making in urban public transport, all of which would be cut by Tony Abbott and the Liberals.</p><p>“Mr Abbott has repeatedly said that the federal government should have nothing to do with fixing our nation’s public transport infrastructure.</p><p>“Only Labor will invest in and deliver the public transport our cities need into the future.”</p><p>As part of the project, 1.2 kilometres of the Tonsley Rail Line will be duplicated and 3.3 kilometres of existing track upgraded.</p><p>Koutsantonis said the Tonsley Park Public Transport Project also includes upgrading Clovelly Park and Tonsley stations and the construction of a new park-and-ride facility and bus interchange.</p><p>“Our investment here will deliver the infrastructure we need to meet demand for public transport services into the future,” Koutsantonis said.</p><p>“We anticipate patronage increases of about 450 per cent at Clovelly Park station and 600% at Tonsley station by 2015.”</p>