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Toll seeks Asia expansion manager

<p>With the Toll Holding’s second management level needing to be filled as the strategic restructure of Toll Group continues apace, the company is seeking a general manager to drive acquisitions in Asia.</p> <p>Rather than report to Toll Asia director Koh Soo Keng, the successful applicant would work with group business development international director Hugh Cushing, a Toll spokesman confirmed.</p> <p>&#8220He is, in a sense, looking for potential further acquisitions for the group or ways to expand the business in Asia more generally,&#8221 the spokesman said of Mr Cushing, describing his role as being on the more &#8220creative side of the expansion&#8221.</p> <p>&#8220I guess the Toll Asia guys are more directly concerned with managing what is there and expanding business opportunities within the business as it is currently structured.&#8221</p> <p>Despite that, the spokesman said he would be very surprised if there was not continuing liaison between the two.</p> <br />