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Toll in talks with India’s Tata

<p>Toll Holdings’s Asian ambitions are developing, with managing director Paul Little visiting India for talks with Indian firm Tata, according to a report in the <em>Australian Financial Review</em> today (Monday, June 4).</p> <p>The newspaper reported Mr Little as saying he would like to form a joint venture with the industrial giant.</p> <p>Mr Little said he had a close relationship with Woolworths chief executive Michael Luscome and that Mr Luscome had close links with Tata &#8220so it was good for us to meet&#8221, when he was in the country last week.</p> <p>Mr Little made mention at the sidelines of last week’s extraordinary general meeting of India as an important emerging market for Toll.</p> <p>Mr Little told a conference in Sydney on Friday that the chance of a private equity approach for the restructured company was unlikely, the <em>Sydney Morning Herald</em> reported on Saturday.</p> <p>&#8220I’m not saying it’s impossible [they could make an approach&#93 but I think it is unlikely,&#8221 he said.</p> <br />