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Titanic effort at Mt Eden

Sturdy, strong, steel ‘titans’ are starting to reveal their mechanical muscle to advance the next stage of New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project.

The titans are three heavyweight cranes being assembled at the City Rail Link (CRL) Mt Eden site to help bring big and safe changes for Aucklanders.

CRL’s Link Alliance deputy construction manager Dale Burtenshaw said the cranes each had enough grunt to lift 450 tonnes.

The cranes will lift and position a gigantic steel bridge span 46 metres long and weighing 160 tonnes to support a new pedestrian and cycle overbridge across the Western/North Auckland Line at Porters Avenue.

“The span is a very big steel hull and a lot of technical planning will be involved to make sure it is positioned precisely and safely,” Burtenshaw said.  “This is a job that will mark another important development to progress CRL.”

The span will be the “foundation” for the overbridge. Railings, stairs, lifts and push ramps will be installed later this year to give walkers, cyclists and those with prams, mobility scooters and wheelchairs easy and safe access over the rail corridor.  The bridge is also designed to cleverly conceal a full range of public utility services that also need to cross the rail line.

The bridge will provide access to the redeveloped station at Mt Eden and to the extensive residential and commercial expansion planned around the station.

The original Porters Avenue level crossing was closed to vehicles and pedestrian in 2020.  Vehicles will continue to use alternative routes when the overbridge opens.

“There is currently one railway line at Porters Avenue, but when CRL opens there will be four so safe access for everyone is an important issue for CRL,” Burtenshaw said.

The completed Porters Avenue overbridge will reflect cultural designs linked to nearby Maungawhau/Mt Eden, and it will be built to maintain privacy and light to neighbouring properties.

Porters Avenue is one of four permanent bridges being built over the rail corridor at CRL’s Mt Eden site.