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Time for coastal shipping to be made an agenda item: ALC

<p>The Australian Logistics Council is concerned at the lack of attention paid at a Commonwealth level to the development of coastal shipping as an alternate transport mode. </p> <p>Coastal shipping was missing from the national agenda in favour of rail and road reforms, ALC executive director Hal Morris told <em>Lloyd’s List DCN</em> .</p> <p>&#8220We really do need senior politicians to start looking at the full picture,&#8221 Mr Morris said.</p> <p>&#8220As a mode, it’s environmentally friendly and Australia has a population that lives, in the majority, on the coast. </p> <p>&#8220We’re blessed with a history of ports and port infrastructure.</p> <p>&#8220The question is, why not?&#8221</p> <p>While Mr Morris said current regulations did not support the development of the mode as an alternative to road and rail transportation.</p> <p>&#8220Regulations currently in place support the continuation of continued voyage permits, the employment of overseas sailors, and not a lot of attention [is paid&#93 to making the regulations suit and support shipping,&#8221 he said.</p> <p>&#8220If it is so hard to invest in Australian shipping it’ll just flow somewhere else.</p> <p>&#8220In a time when we have increasing demand and huge opportunity, we really need some attention paid to have a look at what are the rules and regs we need changed to get this thing moving.&#8221</p> <br />