Ticketing system claim settled

<p>Melbourne’s public transport ticketing system can now be improved, after the State Government and OneLink settled a legal claim.</p> <p>OneLink is Melbourne’s public transport ticketing provider and was seeking $360m in claims resulting from the installation of the automated ticketing system. </p> <p>The company alleged there was an increase in the scope of the ticketing project between entry into the contract and finalisation of project specifications.</p> <p>The State Government settled the claim last week for around $65m. It has also changed the contract so OneLink will receive performance bonuses and penalties, and be responsible for management of machine vandalism.</p> <p>Transport minister Peter Batchelor said the government was not prepared to settle until it ensured OneLink would improve its performance and provide better service to Victorian commuters.</p> <p>Resolution of the dispute will allow the ticketing system to be reformed and improved.</p> <p>Melbourne’s public transport operators welcomed the outcome.</p> <br />

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  1. This is nice and all but what about removing the level crossing at general holmes drive.