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Tick for Northern Territory regional hubs plan

Northern Territory hubs

The proposal for a Northern Territory Regional Logistics Hubs network has been accepted onto the Australia National Infrastructure Priority list.

The Federal Government committed $440 million in planned equity towards establishment of the hubs across the Northern Territory in the October Federal Budget.

The proposal identifies the need for appropriately located terminals, rail sidings and warehousing along the Darwin-Tarcoola rail line.

The hubs are increasingly important to capitalise on the NT’s rich resource base in gas and minerals deposits, rare earths and solar irradiance.

The estimated total investment from several proposed projects in mining, minerals and energy industries across the NT is over $38 billion. This investment is expected to support more than 6000 construction jobs. Much of the investment and employment increase will occur in remote and very remote regions with higher proportions of First Nations people.

To realise this opportunity, the capacity and efficiency of rail freight and logistics infrastructure along the primary north-south Darwin-Tarcoola rail corridor will need to be upgraded.

The infrastructure will support the development and operation of projects in resources, agriculture, renewable energy and construction, which is essential to achieve the NT Government’s goal of a $40 billion economy by 2030.

Additionally, the regional logistics hubs will increase supply chain capacity across the Territory to benefit communities and increase employment in remote areas.

Infrastructure planning minister Eva Lawler said projects such as this greatly supported the NT’s ambitious target of a $40 billion economy by 2030.

“By improving rail efficiency and intermodal capacity along the north-south corridor we will support rail volumes and remove investment barriers for development of proposed mining, agriculture and energy projects across the Territory,” she said.