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Minister talks up Australian transport infrastructure investment

The federal government is talking up transport infrastructure spending as a way out of the pandemic.

ASSISTANT freight transport minister Scott Buchholz MP has delegates to the Victorian Transport Association State Conference that the government is committed to a safer, increasingly productive freight sector.

“Our government understands that better infrastructure, means a safer, faster journey from paddock to port. That is why we’re investing $110 billion over 10 years from 2020-21 in transport infrastructure across Australia through our rolling infrastructure plan,” Buchholz said.

“Never in Australia’s history have we spent more on transport infrastructure to bust congestion.

“A challenge those in this room rise to meet every single day and particularly during the pandemic.”

Buchholz said the pandemic had placed great pressures on the transport sector.

Buchholz said industry initiatives had been supported by the Australian government and he was excited for the future of the sector.

“Our government, through various initiatives and programs will continue to make the necessary investments in infrastructure,” he said.

“Recovery from the impact of the pandemic will take time – and there are many challenges which still lie ahead,” he said.

“However, the Morrison government has an Economic Recovery Plan for Australia, and transport infrastructure is at the heart of that plan.”