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Thales digital signalling system rolled out in Europe

Something innovative in the state of Denmark.

DENMARK in Europe has opted to replace all analogue signalling systems with a digital IT system.

This involved a complete upgrade of the railway’s signal systems, one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Europe.

The use of analogue signalling systems is now history.

Trains are to use Europe’s “most modern signalling system” to ensure passengers and freight can be moved between the cities of Langå, Struer and Holstebro.

On this railway line, the infrastructure manager Banedanmark has finished the installation of the new IT-based signalling system, ERTMS L2.

The system was developed by Thales and aims to cut signal errors.

“With the new signalling system, it will – when fully completed – be possible to attain increased stable train operation with fewer signalling errors,” said Janus Steen Møller, director of signalling systems, Banedanmark.

“It will also be possible to introduce a train operation schedule with higher frequency, as it will be possible to supervise the trains with greater accuracy.

“Therefore, there are many benefits to replacing the old signalling system with a new digital one.”

Later this year, Banedanmark is to take the new signalling system into use on two more rail lines between Køge and Næstved and between Mogenstrup and Rødby.

The new signalling system is planned to be rolled out on all long-distance rail lines in Denmark, replacing old signalling systems which date back to the 1950s and in some cases to 1912.

“Thales is proud to collaborate with Banedanmark on this historical upgrade of the national signalling system paving the way for further digitalisation of the rail sector,” said Tommy Ayouty, CEO Thales Denmark.

“Together, we are the first in the world to have put the second generation of ERTMS L2 Baseline 3 into commercial operation.

“Moreover, we also support Banedanmark in their ambition to create a safe, smooth, more reliable and punctual travel experience with our Traffic Management System ARAMIS.”

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