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Thales card readers selected for Amsterdam light rail

Amsterdam’s public transport company, GVB, has selected Thales to replace all card readers on the city’s tram and bus fleet.

The contract covers the replacement and installation of roughly 4,000 readers. The old readers will be removed in the beginning of 2021 and all new readers will be in place by the end of 2021.

The Thales card readers are a step forward for the city, giving customers the ability to pay by mobile phone, bank card, credit card or QR code. The card readers are equipped with built-in barcode and EMV functions.

“Thales is proud to supply Amsterdam with the new contactless card readers, thus contributing to the use of new payment methods in public transport,” said Jean-Philippe de Rek, managing director of Thales revenue collection systems in the Netherlands.

The contract signing between Claudia Zuiderwijk, CEO GVB and de Rek occurred on December 9.

“Winning the comprehensive and accurate tender confirms GVB’s confidence in Thales and that our card readers are of high quality and future-proof. We look forward to further cooperation,” said Rek.

Thales has innovated in the field of revenue collection and has deployed card readers which can accept a multitude of payment methods. These enable a seamless experience for travellers across multimodal transport systems, while protecting customer and operator data.

Ticketing solutions from Thales can be deployed at the station, on board, or across mode. These solutions are designed to reduce fare evasion and increase ticket sales.

Locally, Thales provided Auckland with its AT HOP card. Since its introduction in October 2012, and following a preliminary system ready for the Rugby World Cup in 2011, the card can now be used on trains, ferries and buses across the city.

The technology is backed by Thales’s TransCity, a cloud-ready fare collection solution. Installed in over 100 cities around the globe, Thales processes over €15 billion worth in transactions every day.