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Thales awarded Dubai contract

Thales has been appointed by French Japanese consortium Keolis-MHI, to maintain some signalling and communications equipment of Dubai Metro, the world’s longest automated metro line.  

Thales will provide corrective and predictive maintenance, on-demand system enhancements, repairs and spares for the red and green metro lines and the Route 2020 extension.   

In March 2021, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) selected Keolis-MHI to operate the metro and tram networks for next 15 years.  

As a world-renowned leader in automated trains, communication and ticketing systems, Thales has been selected by the consortium to optimise the maintenance and performance of the signaling and communication systems of the Dubai Metro. 

Thales has a longstanding relationship with the RTA, working with the authority on the Dubai Metro to improve urban mobility and provide the latest enhancements to solutions that are already in service.  

The company has equipped the driverless trains on the red line, green line and Route 2020 extension with a range of solutions, including SelTrac™ signaling technology, integrated supervision, telecommunications, passenger services, security and automated fare collection systems powered by Thales’s Transcity Up solution and PG600 gates. 

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