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Tasrail off the market

<p>Tasmanian rail freight operator Tasrail has been removed from sale after negotiations with three mainland operators failed to finalise a purchase.</p> <p>It is understood selling Tasrail was difficult because the different rail gauge in the state made it hard for companies to create synergies.</p> <p>Tasrail was put on the market after its parent company Wisconsin Central was taken over by Canadian National Railways. </p> <p>Part of the takeover deal was a requirement for Wisconsin to sell its overseas assets.</p> <br />


  1. The greens are really stupid. Better that these places go high rise then ripping down more trees in outlaying areas of western Sydney. If you keep looking backwards you can never move forwards.

  2. Faruqi, of the Greens is wrong. And she refuses to learn. One is tempted to conclude she is being used (willingly or otherwise) as a front for rail unions, who will have neither drivers nor guards on Sydney Metro.
    The world’s civilised, modern cities all have various forms of independent rail lines. Who owns them doesn’t matter, so long as the community (governmennt) has a say in service levels and fares. The secret of success is good interchange between the lines. This is what Faruqi should be lobbying for, cause it’s what Sydney hasn’t (yet) got.

    Shoebridge, on the other hand, is right. There hasn’t been any dialogue between State Planning and local government about the future urban fabric of the long-established suburbs along the Bankstown Line.

  3. We finally get a government who are prepared to do things and improve communities and we get the greens applying 19th century socialism to make us live in the past.
    Frankly, and I live in this area, it can’t come soon enough!