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Tampering suspected as train’s fuel tank ruptures

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The Victorian Police are investigating what is believed to be train tampering, after a freight train was severely damaged in Stawell on Monday.

It is believed that two steel bars were deliberately placed on the train tracks at the site, according to police.

When the freight train, which was hauling 34 carriages and travelling west at around 10.30pm on Monday night, ran over the steel bars, its fuel tank was ruptured.

“As it approached Stawell Station, the driver heard a loud bang as the train ran over the objects,” Victorian Police said on Tuesday.

“The train’s engine and fuel tank was extensively damaged in the incident and around 5000 litres of diesel fuel spilled onto the tracks.”

Country Fire Authority fire-fighters and officers from the Environment Protection Authority and local council assisted in the clean up.

The train was shunted back to the Stawell train yard for repairs.

Police are investigating and are appealing for anyone who saw the incident or any suspicious activity in the area to come forward.

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