Improving information for passengers and operators

Omada Rail Systems is introducing innovative and world-leading technology into Australia, providing solutions for both rail operators and passengers.

Unexpected delays or cancellations of trains cause issues for both operators and passengers alike. For passengers, it is common to see reasons such as ‘signalling fault’ or ‘police incident’. This provides very little insight as to the cause of the issue and can cause frustration among passengers both on, and waiting for, trains. For operators, delays can result in complaints, missed KPIs or fines. Furthermore, the operator has to identify and potentially resolve the issue that is causing the delay.

Omada Rail Systems specialises in signalling and telecommunications services, and also has the capability to implement solutions to improve the experience of passengers and operators during delays. Utilising their industry contacts and reputation for quality, the Omada team is excited to introduce these innovations into Australia.

Real-time passenger information system
Omada has partnered with Ketech, a company based in the UK which has specialised in Real Time Information systems for over 20 years. Ketech’s cloud-based Passenger Information System aggregates real-time data and delivers live updates to passengers via on-train displays every few seconds, displaying dynamic journey information, journey progress, and more. This real-time information can be sent directly to display and via PA-announcements to specific fleets to update passengers affected on delays, the cause, and new ETAs. In the UK, this has been shown to significantly improve customer satisfaction during delays as customers feel more at ease knowing they are being provided with accurate and timely updates. Two of the biggest factors that determine operator customer satisfaction ratings are the way an operator handles delays, and the reliability of their trains. Ketech’s Passenger Information system is modular and can be fitted into new or existing third party or legacy systems.

With systems integration and telecommunications expertise, Omada Rail Systems has the capabilities to effectively assist in the implementation of these products across Australia, lifting communication and customer experience to the next level.

Identify and resolve
Beyond ensuring that customers remain safe and satisfied, operators face a plethora of challenges including that of presenting a convincing business case for new technical solutions to address issues, and obtain management support.

This stems from a problem often identified as most pressing amongst operators, which is managing maintenance and operational costs. Reducing costs can be achieved through several means, including introducing more efficient processes. Omada Rail Systems is introducing technology that assists in creating a more efficient process of locating, accessing, and utilising data to identify when maintenance is required. Through their partnership with Gioconda Rail, Omada has the capability to introduce a globally recognised technology into Australia.

Centralised asset information
Gioconda Rail is a global leader in asset mapping, signal sighting, driver briefing, and 3D modelling services, delivering bespoke software that allows operators to access survey information on assets in existing & proposed locations. On-site photographs or other documents can be linked to these locations, allowing operators to locate an asset within the HD video, and have files such as pictures, relevant documents, drawings, sighting forms, etc, available instantly and in one place. Having all of this information readily available in one location makes this process much more efficient. Google Maps is able to flag each individual asset, allowing identification of various asset types and nearby access points.

Screen capture of 3D rendering of Mernda station for desktop-based signal sighting assessment.

This is achieved through a process of filming the network in 4K resolution, associating GPS data and known locations to specific frames, asset mapping the railway and identifying more than 70 different types of assets. This data can be output in Excel, CAD, JPEG, and google maps. While technology similar to this does exist in Australia, Gioconda’s system goes further to improve the interface usability and reusability of information for the client. Data reusability is a key element to Gioconda’s ability to provide a number of services from just one data collection run.

Having completed work on several recent projects in Melbourne and Sydney, Gioconda is experienced in the Australian market. Projects include examples of driver briefing programs, in both HD and virtual reality, and desktop signal sighting services.

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