Modal shift a key Forum focus

Australian Logistics Council (ALC) CEO Kirk Coningham talks about the goals of the ALC’s upcoming Forum.

A key challenge for Australia’s freight rail sector in 2020 is to demonstrate how boosting rail’s share of the freight task will enhance the efficiency, safety and sustainability of freight movement through supply chains.

Western Sydney is fast becoming a showcase for what can be achieved in this respect, through the establishment of the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal – a facility that will help drive modal shift and alleviate road congestion in Australia’s largest city.

To bring national attention to these developments, the Australian Logistics Council has decided to stage its signature annual event – ALC Forum 2020 in Western Sydney on March 18-19.

The event will connect business leaders, government representatives, investors, infrastructure owners, educational institutions and leading logistics companies with the business opportunities that now abound

in Western Sydney through Australia’s supply chains.

ALC Forum 2020 will present attendees with the chance to connect with those who are designing the future – and make sure their businesses understand what that future means for them.

ALC Forum 2020 will explore how some of the best-practice approaches to planning, building and optimising freight infrastructure in Western Sydney can be deployed across other parts of Australia, enhancing the efficiency, safety and resilience of the national supply chain.

Other elements of the ALC Forum 2020 program will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the freight sector nation- wide in productivity, safety and building a sustainable workforce.

There will also be insights from leading political figures, researchers and major industry figures as they share their perspectives on emerging trends in freight movement, and discuss the policy and regulatory reforms needed to accommodate a freight task that will increase by 35 per cent by 2040.

This is the one industry event that connects the whole supply chain – service providers, infrastructure owners, investors and customers – in the heart of Australia’s fastest- growing economic region.

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