Andy Byford

Transport for London Commissioner Andy Byford to speak at AusRAIL Live & On Demand

When Transport for London (TfL) Commissioner Andy Byford delivers his international keynote at AusRAIL Live & On Demand next month, it will be in the midst of a pivotal time for the organisation he leads.

Just two years into the delivery of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, which sets the ambitious goal to see 80 per cent of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or on public transport by 2041, COVID-19 has changed the game again.

Transport for London has this week secured additional funding as it continues to deliver safe and efficient public transport services while facing significantly lower patronage levels as a result of the pandemic.

When Byford addresses AusRAIL in December, the UK will be reaching the end of its current lockdown.

This will be a unique chance to hear from an international leader as they respond to COVID-19 in a country that has been particularly hard hit.

While the challenges of this year have been unprecedented, Byford has a significant agenda ahead beyond the pandemic.

With the transport strategy highlighting a good public transport experience as one of its three pillars, the long term focus is for public transport to provide the most efficient way for people to travel distances that are too long to walk or cycle.

TfL has already identified a range of actions that will be required to get people out of their cars and onto the public transport network.

The organisation has noted the need to prepare for new technology and unpredictable changes to the way we live – a particularly prescient goal in light of this year’s events.

TfL is also looking at a more efficient and fair way to pay for transport projects in London.

Before the pandemic hit, the organisation was on the path to achieving self sufficiency as it progressed towards this goal.

TfL continues to work with partners across London and beyond to enact the transport strategy as it seeks to meet its goals and support a more liveable, vibrant city.

With so much on the agenda, there could not be a better time to hear from Byford, who joined TfL earlier this year.

His insights on 2020, and reflections on his experience working in leadership roles globally, will be valuable to many in the industry.

Byford is just one of many international keynotes to take part in this year’s AusRAIL, with the online format providing rare access to some of the world’s most prominent rail industry executives.

MTR Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Australian Business Terry Wong will also present at the event.

As part of the team behind metro operations in Melbourne and Sydney, his insights into the changing face of passenger rail in Australia will be worth hearing.

Mr Byford and Mr Wong will also be joined by Crossrail CEO Mark Wild, LA Metro Chief Innovation Officer Joshua Schank and SYSTRA Grand Paris Express Project Director Nicholas Massart at AusRAIL.

With up to six months of continuing access to presentations after the event, AusRAIL Live & On Demand provides a rare chance to connect with these industry heavyweights, from the comfort of your home or office.

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