Loganlea Station

Community feedback sought for Loganlea Station relocation

Commuters in the region of Logan, south east of Brisbane, are being asked to give input on the relocation of Loganlea Station.

The new station will be located closer to health and education precincts while also allowing for capacity increases on the Gold Coast and Beenleigh lines to meet future demand.

The new station will enable better public transport access to Logan Hospital, Loganlea TAFE, and Loganlea State High School. Connections to bus services and active transport links are also part of the upgrade.

The station will be redesigned and carparking at the station is also part of the improvements.

The proposed location of the new station is to the east of Loganlea Road, south of Armstrong Road. This would place the station adjacent to Loganlea State high School and opposite TAFE Loganlea.

Federal Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge said the new station is part of wider plans to improve rail connects through South East Queensland.

“The road and rail transport corridor between Brisbane and the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s busiest inter-city commuter corridors,” he said.

“This project will lead to longer-term planning improvements on the Gold Coast and Beenleigh rail lines and it’s so important we get feedback from local people so we can deliver them the best result.”

Queensland Minister for Transport Mark Bailey said the success of the project depended on community input.

“Relocating the station east will improve that all-important access to the hospital, TAFE and high school, and in the long term set up future upgrades on the Gold Coast and Beenleigh rail lines,” he said.

“But it’s vital we work with the families and workers who use it every day to get it right.”

While face-to-face consultations are not being held, feedback is being sought through phone calls and online surveys.

Port Botany

Update to IA Priority List identifies rail projects as key for growth

In a mid-year update to the 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, Infrastructure Australia has added four rail projects to the list of nationally significant infrastructure.

The mid-year update provides governments with a snapshot of the projects that will drive Australia’s economy, said Infrastructure Australia CEO Romilly Madew.

“Australia is planning its recovery from a rolling series of crises: drought, flood, the bushfires and now COVID-19. As we look forward, the focus is on delivery and as the nation’s infrastructure advisory body, we are continuing to improve our ability to move quickly to identify investments that will improve productivity – this is about expanding the pipeline, keeping the economy growing, helping to create jobs and attract investment.”

The total infrastructure pipeline is now worth more than $64 billion, and Madew said it was key that infrastructure investment was wisely spent.

“This is the first time we have formally released the Priority List mid-year, by doing so, we want to highlight the most recent priority proposals at a time when our infrastructure investment needs to progress quickly, without jeopardising the quality of those investments,” she said.

Rail will continue to play a key role in stimulating the Australian economy and lifting its productivity as the country recovers.

Rail projects added to the list include Stage 2 of the More Trains, More Services project in NSW, the Port Botany Rail Line Duplication & Cabramatta Passing Loop, and two Metronet projects, the Morley–Ellenbrook Line project and the high capacity signalling project. All were deemed “priority projects”.

Rail line and station improvements on the Gold Coast line from Kuraby to Beenleigh has also been updated to reflect the latest information on infrastructure constraints on the Gold Coast line.

The addition of these projects highlights that well-planned rail infrastructure will be key to Australia’s post-COVID-19 recovery.

Infrastructure Australia is now seeking submissions for its 2021 report, to be released in February.