155 light rail services will be added in Canberra due to unexpected demand

ACT Minister for Transport Chris Steel said Canberra’s light rail is exceeding the government’s expectations and is ahead of boarding targets by one year.

The ACT government will add extra services, meaning the light rail will move to a 5-minute timetable during morning peaks, and a further 155 light rail services will be added every week, taking the total number of light rail services to more than 1,600 every week.

Steel said further improvements are planned as part of the new public transport network the Government is introducing in April 2020.

“Light rail has been a huge success, with 3.5 million boardings since it started last year,” Steel said.

“More than 15,000 boardings are being made every day on light rail.”

These expansion of services will be delivered using the existing fleet of 14 light rail vehicles.

A half hour extension of the southbound morning and northbound afternoon services have started this week. 

From April, the current services during peak times will increase from every six minutes to every five minutes and services will commence one hour earlier on Sundays and public holidays from 7am.