Sydney Metro updates corporate plan with focus on connectivity

Sydney Metro has released an updated corporate plan with an acknowledgement of the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and a greater focus on the placemaking effects of the new public transport system.

The corporate plan is an update to the inaugural 2019 report and acknowledges the move from design and construct of the first line to the operation of the North  West Line while Southwest is under construction and Sydney Metro West and Outer West are in their planning stages.

The report highlights that as of March 31, 90,835 services have been delivered, with 22 sets of trains transporting 19.5 million passengers, and an overall satisfaction rating of 96 per cent.

The report also responds to the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) 10-year blueprint which identifies the short-term priorities of agencies within the Transport cluster as part of looking towards the Future Transport 2056 strategy. This identified primary outcomes of connecting customers, creating successful places, improving quality of life and economy, and ensuring those within Transport are doing meaningful work.

For Sydney Metro, this has been realised in the provision of a low-pollution, low-carbon transport service. The report identifies that the Metro is increasing connectivity through urbanised environments and encouraging economy productivity and land use efficiency. For the people living near the line, there is improved employment, housing, and social equity outcomes through faster and more accessible travel.

In his forward to the plan, chief executive of Sydney Metro Jon Lamonte highlighted that Sydney Metro has become more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The work that Sydney Metro does has become more important than ever. Keeping the North West Line safely running for our customers will continue to be a priority for us. Additionally, our rail infrastructure delivery will play a significant part in the recovery effort after the pandemic,” writes Lamonte.