Critical upgrades delivered to Auckland’s Southern Line

KiwiRail has this week completed work on a critical stage of its upgrades to Auckland’s Southern Line as part of the City Rail Link (CRL) project.

The first section of a crossover junction, which would enable trains to safely switch between the existing main line and a new track being built into Ōtāhuhu station, has been installed. Construction towards the entire 1.3-kilometre-long track began in April.

“There will be four crossovers in total, and with more than 20 million commuter train trips on Auckland’s network each year they will help support a new era of services for people when CRL is completed in 2024,” said KiwiRail’s Group Chief Operating Officer Todd Moyle.

Further work will see the completion of the track and the crossovers, the new line electrified and the installation of communication and signal systems. Ōtāhuhu station will also be expanded to three platforms to handle extra services when CRL is completed.

“There’s a lot more to a successful project than the construction of the tunnels and stations below the central city – work at Otahuhu and other places across the rail network are necessary to deliver a project that will have a huge impact on the way Aucklanders travel,” said City Rail Link’s Chief Executive, Dr Sean Sweeney says the Ōtāhuhu work demonstrates the scope of the City Rail Link project.

Construction of the new line will be finished early next year.